Duke Nukem Mod – The Returning

The original Duke Nukem (or Duke Nukum) featured 3 episodes of which the first one was shareware. I found an fan-made episode that’s really worth taking a look at!Duke Nukem I, known simply as Duke Nukem in official game documents, is the side-scrolling computer game for the PC that started the Duke Nukem franchise. It was developed by Apogee Software, who published it on July 1, 1991. Duke Nukem was followed by Duke Nukem II in 1993. A few years ago I made a Youtube review of the original game that started it all:

A few years ago I broadcast a livestream on which I’d take a closer look at (fan) modified Dosgames. One of the games that I stumbled upon was this Duke Nukem 1 mod that was not bad at all. This was a new episode, consisting of 10 interactive levels, interlevel room, and one demo level, with its demonstration. Besides, a lot of graphic content is changed in the game, but thanks to the bonus system, you can also play on the five variations of the standard levels, to replace some elements of the graphic content on a new and much more.

Duke goes on the trail of radioactive waste, which spread with unprecedented speed and it is unclear where. The problem has reached large sizes, and someone must solve it until it was too late. It is likely that Dr. Proton is still alive and that he is behind all this, however, these are only assumptions.

If you’re a fan of the original Duke Nukem platformers, then this is definately something you want to check out too. It feels like it’s been put together very well. The original mod has been made back in 2010, but has been updated in 2017. Below you can find the download links.

Download link 1: Mega.nz
Download link 2: Drive.Google.com

If you need help or get stuck, no worries. I’ve posted a complete playthrough of the modification on Youtube. 

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