Wolfenstein 3D: St. Bart’s Cathedral [MOD]

St. Bart’s Divine Cathedral – a huge edifice somewhere in the more obscure outskirts of Amsterdam, known among the locals as “St. Bart”, “Big Bart” or simply “The Bart” – a place with a strange history, surrounded by urban legends, rumors and feverish dreams…

Over one and an half year ago, one of our community members Alexei Voronin anounced that he was gonna start building his own custom Wolfenstein 3D Episode, for me to play and premiere during a livestream. He started designing levels of which some of them he had in the back of his head since the 90’s. He even got inspired by some real locations.

If you want to know more of the story where Wolfenstein 3D: St. Bart’s Cathedral originated from you can read more about it’s background in the manual that Alexei wrote.

I even offered to switch out the bosses Hans & Gretel Grosse for Maxime and myself, but ofcourse- up to him to decide where and how many to place them. We even voiced them a custom welcome and dying message. Converting ourselves to sprites TheUntrustable and Wolf3DGuy offered some help. Thanks for your fantastic work guys!

The livestream was the very first time I got to check out the custom episode. Though, I was already aware about the replaced bosses. Later I revisited the episode and did a 100% playthrough of it. You can check it out here if you’d rather enjoy this episode being played without me blabbering on and on, failing etc.

You can download this custom episode for free over at the download section of Dosgamert.com. There’s even a manual with some awesome lore to go with it and even a detailed description of every level.

Thank you Alexei.

Enjoy the Wolfenstein 3D Modification!

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