New MS-DOS Game: Super Space Fuel Inc.

For some of us REAL MS-DOS games lie really close to our hearts. That’s why it’s always a special feeling whenever someone programs and releases a EGA game for MS-DOS, that’s even been programmed in Borland Turbo C on a 33MHz 486 PC.

Around a year ago Peter Bone interviewed for a job at a big game company, famous for a certain candy themed match-3 game. As part of the hiring process he was given a test to create a match-3 game in a week. During the interview they asked him about the performance of the algorithm that he wrote for finding the matching gems, to which he answered “it could probably run on a 486 or an XT”. He ended up saying no to the job, but afterwards he kept thinking of the words that he said.


Peter decided to devote his time to a new project. Developing a match-3 game for a real 486 computer. Development took quite some time, since programming EGA graphics isn’t documented that well like VGA graphics are. He spent a lot of time reading old books and hopping from PDF to PDF file to get the game to look the way he wants. And you got to say, the results are stunning. It’s a simple game, like a Match-3 game is supposed to be. And the soundtrack is really nice to listen too. Not bad for a game that’s only 52kb. 

More information can be found on the Super Space Fuel Inc. page. If you want to give this awesome match-3 game a go yourself on your old hardware, or through Dosbox, then head to the download section of

Awesome work Peter!

Enjoy the game!

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