Apogee is back! Crystal Caves in HD!

In 1991 ago Apogee Software has released Crystal Caves for MS-DOS. Now 29 years later Apogee is back and this is happening…

When Crystal Caves came out the game featured 3 volumes, all containing 15 levels (or caves) in which you had to find the diamonds and find the exit. Along the way there are some traps, enemies, moving platforms, poisoned mushrooms and power-ups to get you through the cave. The first episode was a shareware, and the other two had to be ordered. You’d be fighting your way through 45 greatly designed levels.

Back in the day I haven’t touched Crystal Caves for some weird reason. As you might know I’ve played a lot of platformers and Apogee classics back in the day. But somehow this one slipped. Not even a year ago I was asked to play the game during a livestream by a long time supporter going by the name Alexei Voronin. So I decided to pickup the game and stream all 3 volumes live. After that I even recorded gameplay footage of the game for the Youtube channel. From this moment I was hooked. You can say I’m a big fan of Mylo. The most important things about Crystal Caves HD that we know is:

  • The game features an all new fourth episode!
  • There’s a level editor.
  • Music has been added to the game.
  • There’s a secret level.
  • Steam Workshop is included.
  • The cutscenes have been animated.
  • It’s coming on Steam and DRM-Free on GOG.
  • And it will still be a pain in the ass to reach the end.

If you can’t wait for the game to come out, the original of Crystal Caves can still be obtained on Steam and on GOG.

What are you waiting for?! Check out this awesome game trailer of Crystal Caves HD:

The game is being brought to you by Apogee Software and is developed by Emberheart Games.

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