Review: Duke Nukem

Sunglasses? Check! Gun? Check! Self-conceit? Check! We all know Duke Nukem as alienass-kicking, babe saving, badass and antihero.

Duke Nukem (also known as Duke Nukum) was released in 3 episodes, of which the first was free as shareware. It was one of the first 2D-platformers from Apogee and was released in 1991. Sixteen colours and a PC-speaker were sexy as never before. The first episode is set in Los Angeles, in the second episode you travel to Dr. Proton’s secret moonbase and in the last episode you travel in time, because the evil Dr. Proton had a trump card in mind for Duke. Let’s have a look at this classic platformer!

What are you waiting for? Click the video below to check out this video game review.

And for our Nederlandse kijkers I’ve translated the review to Dutch as well!

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